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Friday, December 24, 2010

Building Energy Management Systems – Pike Research

The Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) market, a growing segment of the larger building efficiency industry, is gaining momentum as an alternative, cheaper means for end-users to implement energy efficiency applications in commercial buildings. Conceived out of the market demand for a lighter, less-expensive and strictly energy-related automation and management systems for commercial buildings, the BEMS market includes both specialized and broad-based solutions. Such solutions range from reactive energy efficiency optimization software to predictive supply and demand side energy management architectures.
The BEMS market will continue to grow at a strong pace over the next few years, as players in adjacent markets continue to invest in the space. These players will include IT vendors, building management system (BMS) vendors, curtailment service providers (CSPs), and other energy efficiency companies. As a result of market convergence, BEMS offerings will become more sophisticated, providing energy savings to the end-user that in many cases will be reinvested in additional energy efficiency applications. Additionally, the return on investment for BEMS will become even more attractive as costs are driven down – as BEMS vendors enter into more buildings, implementation templates will begin to take shape. Looking ahead to 2016, many end-users with portfolio management needs will choose BEMS rather than updating a BMS, as it is a less expensive option, and BEMS are technology agnostic.

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